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Pensionera växer kraftigt och söker alltid duktigt folk. Har du kompetensen vi söker? Hör av dig idag!

Systems Developer

The position will let you work in a small team of developers with a focus on building a fund and insurance broker designed for international markets. You will perform research, programming and implementation of services on specification from - and in close cooperation with - the company CTO.

Pensionera is currently transitioning from a monolithic PHP MVC architecture to a distributed one with Go, Cassandra, Redis, CoreOS, Kubernetes and Docker as primary target technologies.

Different parts of the current system will be successively ported out from its current architecture into the new one with great freedom of implementation from the project owning developer. The microservices will communicate using either message queues or non-public RESTful JSON APIs depending on what kind of data is to be transferred and can therefore be completely technology independent from one another, one service being built using Elixir, one using Go and one using Python for example.

As a professional, you are probably a full-stack developer leaning toward back-end development who enjoys building robust, cutting-edge systems in an entrepreneurial environment with much freedom under responsibility. You are also a person who enjoys learning new technologies and methodologies. Most likely, you spend a lot of your free time reading articles and trying out new things. You are inspired by solving problems and seing how fast the software business is evolving.

You also find testing and documentation to be crucial elements in a good system.

It is not a requirement that you know the technologies we are looking into already, but you are a developer who is very comfortable with building large-scale, business-critical systems with focus on the back end.

Pensionera is paving new paths in the investment broking industry, and we want you to join us!

The position is located in our offices on Gumshornsgatan 7 by Karlaplan, Stockholm, Sweden.

To apply - find the programmatical clue on pensionera.se (it's easy, you'll make it!). Good luck!


  • Go, Elixir, C++, Java, Python, Ruby or corresponding
  • Cassandra, CouchBase, MySQL, MongoDB or corresponding
  • VCS (Mercurial / Git / Subversion or corresponding)

Additional Skills

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Distrubuted Computing
  • Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration
  • protobuf
  • Codeship
  • Quay.io
  • CoreOS (Tectonic)
  • AWS

Senior app developer

Pensionera are moving from a web-first to a mobile-first system, and are now looking for a senior app developer to help us realize this transition.

The apps are going to be Pensionera's main interfaces, and windows for our customers. This will include visualizing monetary investments with trends, prognosis data, suggestions for improved investment portfolios, tools to move money between investments and more.

In the back end, the app is powered by a RESTful HTTP JSON API written in Go - no heavy processing will be required on the app end. The apps will visualize a very large amount of API data, and it is therefore imperative that you are good at handling large code bases in a clean and structured way.

The design work will be handled by an external consultant, providing you with templates of the designs you are to build.

You are likely a person who enjoys working in a small, tight-knit team of developers with a high tempo. You have a good eye for design, even though being a designer is not a requirement, and producing good looking interfaces with great usability. It is also important that you are good at communication, as visualizing so much data can quickly become overwhelming for the users.


  • Swift
  • iOS

Additional skills

  • Java
  • Android

Finansiell säljare

Vi söker nu drivna innesäljare med ekonomiintresse som självständigt kan arbeta med hög försäljningsaktivitet och med kundnöjdhet i fokus. Din huvudsakliga uppgift är nykundsbearbetning för vår betalprodukt. Du kommer arbeta i en snabbväxande miljö med mycket goda karriärsmöjligheter och provision utan lönetak.

Du får löpande coachning och utbildning inom finansiella produkter och närliggande relevant ekonomikunskap.


  • Heltid
  • Målmedveten och tävlingsinriktad
  • Dokumenterad och god säljhistorik
  • Har tidigare erfarenhet inom telemarketing


  • Finns möjlighet till intern befordran och utveckling i form av Teamleader-roller samt B2B
  • Kurser inom finansiell ekonomi
  • Sälj- och rådgivningskurser
  • Licenser i form av Incuresec


Enligt överenskommelse.

Tjänsten är placerad i våra lokaler i centrala Stockholm, varmt välkommen med din ansökan!

Skicka din ansökan till joshua.west@pensionera.se eller ring 0910 - 22 14 22 för mer info.



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